Canada MedLaser Clinics Offers Proven Hair Growth PRP Option

March 25 12:24 2021

Canada MedLaser Clinic (CML) offers proven hair growth options of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy which medical studies have shown gives noticeable results within a few months of treatment.  CML provides free consultations for Hair Growth treatments to help clients decide if PRP is an option.

A study published in Expert Opinion in Pharmacology in February 2020 confirmed that hair loss is very distressing and can cause loss of self-esteem and confidence. Earlier treatment for hair loss was shown to produce a satisfactory outcome in a shorter time.  Non-pharmaceutical treatments such as PRP should be a consideration for those who were resistant to medical treatment.

“The reason PRP is such a popular hair growth therapy treatment,” a spokesman for CML said, “is that there is very little down time after each session which lasts about an hour.  Other benefits of choosing PRP are that the client’s own blood plasma is used, so that makes the procedure safer.  No chemicals are used so there no allergic reactions.  The PRP treatment targets areas of hair loss to grow the client’s own hair.”

In the May 2019 Science journal Cells, the study showed PRP enhanced cell reproduction and neo-angiogenesis (new blood vessels) and hair follicle mesenchymal stem cells.  PRP treatment helped establish derma papilla blood flow which nourishes new hair growth and the treatment prolonged the antigen hair cycle which is when the hair is growing.

The CML March 5, 2010 blog on hair loss treatment explains in more detail the PRP treatment.  The quickest results seen in PRP are those who have minimal amounts of hair loss.  For those with more pronounced hair loss PRP can still be a viable treatment but it will take longer and more sessions to achieve a similar hair growth.  CML also offers hair transplant treatment in conjunction with PRP treatment so this may be another option discussed in the consultation.

“After having monthly treatments, it takes about three months to notice the hair loss is much less and new hair growth is being seen,” the Canada MedLaser Maple spokesman says.  “After 6 months onwards the hair volume also increases with the established new hair growth.”

CML is offering special price package of 25% off a four sessions for PRP treatment.  For more information on Hair Growth treatments or PRP visit

About Canada MedLaser Maple

Canada MedLaser Maple specializes in providing science based Hair Growth treatment with Hair Transplants and PRP therapy. CML was featured in December 2020 issue of Elle Canada. CML’s ongoing “Give Back Initiative” has helped those in the community without the means to receive pro-bono cosmetic therapies to help build confidence.

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