Top 10 PC games 2021: It’s a pity to miss it

March 25 09:28 2021

If everybody really want to make the most of that monster of a gaming PC people’ve invested in, then there’s no better way than with the best PC games. They’re the perfect for getting the most out of any gaming PC.

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1. The best new PC game: Hitman 3

Hitman 3 closes out the rebooted trilogy with another gorgeous entry that hews close to what makes these games so unique. It doesn’t redefine the gameplay but it does introduce six new maps and wraps up the story started in 2016’s Hitman. Just like the previous games, the maps will take people all over the world from Dubai and England to China and more.

If people’re not familiar with the gameplay of this series, people’re in for a treat. As Agent 47, people play a calm and calculating hitman whose job is not to run and gun through a mob of bad guys as most games would have people do. Instead, people move around large maps like an English manor to find and eliminate peopler targets quietly and undetected. On top of that, people can play the same map multiple times to find a multitude of ways or story paths to take out peopler targets, giving this entry, as well as the previous ones, the kind of replayability people don’t see in most games.

2. Red Dead Redemption 2

The newest release from Rockstar Games was an instant hit upon release. Red Dead Redemption 2 is an engrossing western following Arthur Morgan and his gang as they try to survive a fictionalized Wild West as outlaws on the run. However, the game is much more than just that.

Whether it’s getting lost in the story, following through on every side quest to its conclusion, or just bonding with peopler horse, RDR2 is one of those games where people can easily sink 50+ hours into and still have something to do. The gameplay is stellar, and the graphics are gorgeous. people can even run the game in 8K, if people have the hardware. Definitely give this a look if people haven’t already.

3. Ghostrunner

Ultra-violence and constant motion meet in this post-apocalyptic dystopian game. This FPP is not for the faint of heart – it’s tense, exhilarating, and people will probably die over and over trying to beat it. If people ever wanted a game that came in equal parts Doom Eternal and Mirror’s Edge, people found it in Ghostrunner.

The game is set in Dharma Tower, a sort-of last refuge for humanity, where people ascend the tower through platforming and katana-induced carnage to take revenge on a ruthless ruler. people do so by slicing up peopler enemies, dodging bullets, and using a number of unique abilities to continue making peopler way to the top. This is the kind of game that will leave people out of breath just playing it. And, if that sounds like peopler kind of game, then people’re in for a treat.

4. Death Stranding

If the name Norman Reedus is what got peopler attention when someone mentioned Death Stranding, well then people’re in for a treat. However, this game is getting a lot of attention for more than just the big names attached to it, which incidentally include Mads Mikkelsen and Léa Seydoux. As porter Sam Bridges, people bravely traverse an apocalyptic United States to deliver valuable cargo, navigating lands overrun by terrorists, bandits and these invisible creatures called Beached Things. This award-winning action game is a treat to all the senses as well, thanks to its great storyline, which may be reminiscent of the current pandemic, good gameplay, fun quests, and impressive sound and visuals.

5. Minecraft

The phrase “build it, and they will come” rings truer than ever with Minecraft, the survival-based sandbox RPG that has now been bought more than 100 million times since its release in 2009. In it, people can construct peopler own worlds using resources people find in the wild, or discover existing ones created by other players online.

In Minecraft, people can either limit peoplerself to the numerous tools and blocks offered by the developer, Mojang, or people can install mods to truly capitalize on peopler investment. Moreover, sometime in 2021, people’ll be able to take part in the Super Duper Graphics Pack, an optional piece of DLC that offers more realistic lighting effects and textures to an already amazing game.

6. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

From Software is a household name when it comes to designing the best PC games. The minds behind the critically praised Dark Souls series have transported PC gamers to some of the most forsaken landscapes and through some of the most challenging yet rewarding gameplay. From Software is back at it once more, with Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Sekiro places people in the shoes of the peopleng Wolf, a shinobi tasked with rescuing his peopleng master. The game will take people through 16th-century Japan, but things will get eerie and supernatural: this is From Software we’re talking about.

Don’t expect an easy time of it, however. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is an awfully difficult game to master, and people’ll need quick reflexes to deflect enemy attacks, as well as to master stealth. people won’t be able to hide behind a shield all day, like people were able to in Dark Souls III.

7. Forza Horizon 4

Microsoft’s racing series is only getting better with each release, and in many ways this spin-off has exceeded the main Forza Motorsport line as the best racing games on PC at present. They’re definitely more fun, adding a dash of arcade fun to the strikingly recreated cars and race tracks we’ve come to expect from Forza.

Forza Horizon 4 is easily one of the best PC games people can buy today, and this entry brings the racing to the UK after having explored America, France, Italy and Australia in the previous three instalments of the franchise. Now, people can rip through charming villages, seaside towns and the city of Edinburgh by way of many miles of country roads and dirt tracks in between. It’s fast, frantic and a lot of fun.

People can purchase Forza Horizon 4 through the Microsoft Store. It’s also available as part of the Xbox Game Pass for PC, or people can buy the Xbox One version and get a download code for PC using the Xbox Anywhere feature.

8. Nioh 2

If people like the idea of playing games like Dark Souls that are so hard people’ll exhaust the depths of peopler expletive-filled vocabulary, then Nioh 2 should probably be next on peopler list to buy. Like From Software’s games, Nioh 2 rewards people for learning the fighting systems inside and out and squeezing every advantage out of its loot, weapons, and Yokai skills to gain the upper hand. people can gain more and more Yokai skills as people defeat enemies. people also have quite a bit of customization available to people for deeper gameplay. This sequel is a worthy follow up to the first game, also set in a fictionalized, fantastical version of historical Japan, that will have people either squealing in delight or screaming in anger.

9. Control

It’s not hard to see why Control has taken the gaming world by storm. The creative team at Remedy Entertainment made sure to pack this title with plenty to love, paying very close attention to the intricate details. A deeply cinematic game, this action-adventure offers its players staggering visuals, inspired environment design and brilliant performances – not to mention, a deeply satisfying combat experience.

Control places people in the capable shoes of fiery-haired Jesse Faden. people’re tasked to seek out The Oldest House, a building in New York City that’s in a constant state of architectural flux and only appears to those who desire to find it, and locate peopler missing brother, all while heading the Federal Bureau of Control as its director and overseeing the containment of paranatural entities.

10. Microsoft Flight Simulator

Beyond its impeccable graphics and its excellent peripheral support, it won’t take people long to realize that the Microsoft Flight Simulator is a labor of love. There’s a great attention to detail here, as well as a level of realism and immersion people won’t find elsewhere. So much so that if people’re not a fan of flight simulations, people’ll want to start getting on the bandwagon. Though that also means this game won’t be for everyone. Still, if people’re a flight sim fanatic or people love planes and flying, people’ll relish the chance to fly iconic vehicles in some of the most beautiful yet dangerous locations and conditions in the world.

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