Lana Elco: Transformational Coaching That Helps Women Experience The Deepest Level Of Intimacy

March 25 11:06 2021
Lana Elco: Transformational Coaching That Helps Women Experience The Deepest Level Of Intimacy
“Question the obvious to discover the miraculous.”

Lana Elco is bringing a fresh perspective to the world of intimacy and relationships. While others dabble, Lana goes deep. And her clients see results that look a lot like miracles.

Lana Elco is originally from the Ukraine. In her early twenties, she started a dating agency that helped cross-cultural couples build relationships. These were usually ones with serious intention: to create a family and form long-term connections. This sparked an early interest that has informed her admirable body of work:

“I was always interested in the relationship between masculine and feminine and to understand how it worked on a deeper level. It was always my deepest heart desire to experience beautiful, deep relationships and I found opportunities to do this in my own way.”

In her thirties, she had an awakening to her soul purpose. She had successful businesses and a global network, gave birth to her daughter, but then entered a season of questioning. Her businesses were thriving but she had an unshakeable feeling that something was missing. She realized that she wanted to find her true gift and received a message to move to California.

A Visionary Approach

In California, Lana started studying psychology, yoga, personal communication, psychodrama and various modalities to uncover human purpose and meaning. All of this shaped the vision of what she wanted to create and how she wanted to serve.

This foundational work was the catalyst for launching her new business, in which she facilitates female empowerment work as a tool for deepening intimacy and creating loving relationships.

“My work is out of the box and deep. The women I work with want to experience a deeper level of intimacy or connection. Maybe the traditional marriage container is too small for them. Maybe they need to be course-corrected or shaped.”

For Women Who Know They Want More

Most commonly, Lana works with prominent visionary women and leading female entrepreneurs. Her clients come looking for something different, something that is not offered on the mainstream market.

Here are some of the novel ideas that Lana is bringing to the larger cultural moment, and that she speaks with conviction to clients:

“Modern women have become more powerful. Over the past 60-70 years, women have been given increasing freedom and opportunities. Many times, their power is still mimicking the masculine. Women show up in the world and in business in a masculine way, because they believe that is how they have to show up to be successful.

Women bring that same energy and model of who we are and how we show up into relationships. This is where things don’t work.

When we have two masculine energies in this intimate space, it creates a power struggle. Many women who achieve success feel like they don’t know how to relate to men anymore. No one knows how to occupy roles that have been around for thousands of years.”

New Models For Relationships: Finding Sacred Union

One of Lana’s core tenets is that intimate relationships are overdue for transformation.

Lana’s goal is to offer an alternative to traditional marriage, feminism or casual relationships, using the term sacred union. This represents a deep, beautiful connection between the feminine and masculine, that honors the deep feminine and masculine qualities.

This transformational perspective not only applies to intimate relationships but also impacts how women show up in their careers.

In Lana’s words, “shifting patterns that go far back into ancestry means healing wounds, being enormously honest and is a lifetime work.”

The Journey and Process

Most women start working with Lana for at least six months, and many journey with her for at least a year. It takes time to achieve change, gain clarity and integrate new ways of relating into everyday life.

Considerable time is spent getting to know a client before the work even begins. Lana then offers introductory intensives and customized programs that include breath of remembrance, tantric practices, music and more to help women access intuitive material.

“Often, talk therapy is not enough. People can’t talk about what is hidden beneath the surface, because they aren’t even consciously aware of it. And yet, this is where a lot of pain and damage reside.”

Then Lana works with women to do integration work, which includes things like guided journaling. There is a spiraling downward into the depths of the inner self, becoming increasingly aware of energetic patterns that are usually ignored or followed on auto pilot.

“We slow down and become aware. It’s not a general or an abstract idea. We tune into how we react everyday, how we show up everyday, listening to our bodies. We get out of our heads and go into the body and open up our psyche to access something much deeper.”

Intimacy, Tantra and Relationships

Lana sees clearly that the richness of a woman’s intimate life and relationships affects all areas of life. Her guidance takes women on a journey of discovery, exploring their own intimate universe using experiential tools and expanded states of consciousness.

Feminine spirituality is about embodiment. The woman’s body is a source of knowledge and information that is used to reveal the truth.

“We focus on tantric because it’s so experiential and based on feminine energy. It’s about allowing, using surrender as a concept for inner work and growth. This is opposed to working hard and taking action, which are traits of masculine energy. Women follow intuitive guidance and receive decisions, rather than making decisions. It’s about being present in the body.”

Lana’s work gives women the freedom to access, acknowledge and honor their inner selves, tuning in to their truth so they can live authentically, present and full of peace. Her high level 12 month elite coaching program can be found here.


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