CD Genomics’s MassARRAY Platform Provides SNP Genotyping with Flexibility, Accuracy, and Cost-Effectiveness

March 25 03:57 2021

New York, USA – March 24, 2021 – CD Genomics is a leading biotechnology company focused on developing high-quality customized solutions for research, diagnostic, and therapeutic applications using a full range of genomic technologies. CD Genomics offers a rapid and accurate custom SNP validation on the Sequenom MassARRAY iPLEX Gold Platform that contains the MassARRAY SNP Genotyping system, combining mass spectrometry, sensitive and robust chemistry, and advanced data analysis software to meet researchers’ SNP genotyping needs.

MassARRAY SNP Genotyping amplifies the DNA sequence across the SNP site by PCR, and then uses a single extension primer to amplify PCR products, ensuring that the primer extends only one base. The extended product is analyzed by TOF (time of flight) and the SNP is classified according to the molecular weight difference of base, and the allele frequency of the SNP site can also be calculated. MassARRAY SNP genotyping can carry out multiple SNP typing in one reaction. This technique is accurate and has a price advantage when analyzing dozens or hundreds of SNPs. With different detection and software modules, the MassARRAY® iPLEX GOLD technology can accomplish SNP genotyping, gene expression research, copy number variation, gene methylation analysis, pathogen typing, and prenatal diagnosis on one platform. With its superb application prospect in the fields of biological science, medicine, and agricultural research, MassARRAY SNP Genotyping has provided excellent solutions for scientists worldwide.

CD Genomics has supported many projects in this regard. “Forensic DNA phenotyping based on genetic SNPs is proved to have significant prediction accuracy. This technology is increasingly used in the prediction of externally visible characters (EVCs) from the biological sample. And our study was meant to validate this accuracy, interestingly, we found the significance of the method in predicting the eye colors in the population,” said the researchers from Al Muthanna University, “Everything went smoothly. We really appreciate CD genomics for the technical support of MassARRAY and confirming the validity of the results.”

“We always keep our mission in mind to provide customers with accurate, reliable, and cost-effective genomics services,” said Dr. Charlie of CD Genomics, “Our MassARRAY SNP Genotyping also has these characteristics. And, it is automated, scalable, and flexible. Our MassARRAY platform has a rather high multiplex capability of up to 30 SNP loci in a single pool. We also offer fast assay design: A new assay can be designed within a few hours. In addition, a semi-automated workflow and unmodified oligos provide rapid turnaround time.”

About CD Genomics

CD Genomics was established in 2004, providing the research community with high-quality high-throughput sequencing, genotyping, microarray, and population genetics services. Through more than a decade of hard work, CD Genomics has become an influential company in the industry. It has extensive experience in library construction, quality control, sequencing, genotyping, and data analysis. CD Genomics continues to innovate, keeping up with the forefront of scientific research and leading the latest and most comprehensive genomics technical support.

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