Indian Actor in Los Angeles Nirav Mehta Wins Praise for Using Meditation, Music and Art to Help Locals During the Pandemic

March 25 03:21 2021
The pandemic has been incredibly hard on many people emotionally and psychologically. In Los Angeles, Nirav Mehta is trying to help using some eye-opening methods he learned in his native India.

March 24, 2021 – Born in Mumbai, India and based in Los Angeles Nirav Mehta is an exceptional actor, artist and impactpreneur. Over the last year, facing the pandemic with his local community in Los Angeles, California and beyond, Nirav has proven that to give without expectations is a remarkable, caring and human act one can share with fellow beings without any bias. Nirav definitely bears gifts that stretch far beyond the entertainment world. Establishing himself as a powerful, valuable figure in the consciousness space and wellness world in a significant way over the few years, Nirav Mehta has won praise for teaching people facing the pandemic with breath work and meditation techniques to help calm the mind and get closer to their higher selves. Nirav has also helped thousands through his empowering and inspiring public speaking engagements in person or now more often over zoom conferences. All of this work has been met with gratitude and enthusiasm. His meditation circles are poignantly perched at the sandy beaches of the California coast and safely curated with covid protocols, local permits and socially distanced with personal hifi headsets so attendees can immerse in the actors vision of combining art, music and consciousness. All as a gift to the community.

If you believe in miracles, miracles will believe in you,” commented the clearly passionate star. We have come to a point through our intellectual prowess and sense of epic curiosities that we cannot claim to experience life at our optimum, our highest level through selective loving and living. If you are a lover then show me your love in all beings. No one is smaller or less important than the other. We are all functional spokes in this giant wheel of life.”

The breath and meditation techniques taught by Nirav combine scientific, proven methods, along with ancient spiritual techniques developed in his Indian birthplace and along all his travels. Born and raised in the practice of Jainism Nirav’s values are firmly etched in the act of ahimsa (non violence) which explains why he has never consumed meat or consistently believes in standing up for minority communities.

Some highlights of the stars long career in film include, his the lead role in the feature film “Jaane Tu” and  “Conscious” which garnered international praise across the film industry. He has also played the leading roles in several short films which won rave reviews at many major film festivals across the US. Finally, this is all on top of his starring roles in Indian films that have been a series of rousing successes, earning awards, film festival selections, and commercial breakthroughs. Nirav is currently working on a limited series show called WeWoke and has a new project in the works with the producers of ‘Delhi Crime’.

Clearly, in wellness and entertainment Nirav Mehta will continue to be a powerful force, bringing people peace and joy. With true belief in Nirav’s motto to love unconditionally and see the other as a reflection, “We are all an integral part of a singular collective experience breathing into a complex network of uniquely gifted individual beings.”

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