Luxury fashion brand JH Jola Hasimi bent on reaching new heights with luxury products

March 25 02:33 2021

Luxury fashion brand JH Jola Hasimi is pushing to reach new heights in the industry as it launches the new version of its luxury perfume “My Albania.” 

The luxury product, which was first released in September 2015, comes out in a different shape and is out to provide a scent that would give its buyers a much-needed aromatic look. 

“Wearing fragrance is a ritual. With luxury fashion brands showing signs of recovery amid the global pandemic, what JH Jola Hasimi aims to do is put out products that would continue to make a name in the industry — and would be on top of mind for affluent consumers,” a representative of the company said in a press statement.

JH Jola Hasimi recently announced Haxhi Robin Krasniqi, a German professional boxer, as the brand image of the new version of the perfume.  

Aside from luxury perfumes, Italy-based JH Jola Hasimi focuses on luxury accessories using exotic skins which are mainly from alligators and crocodiles.

“They instantly give off a luxurious aesthetic. That’s what JH Jola Hasimi wants to see – people looking great and feeling good,” the representative said. “Jola Hasimi overses=es an ecosystem that is self-sufficient online. Customers can check out the latest deals on the website and add items to cart with convenience.”

Operating since 2014, JH Jola was founded by Jola Hasimi, a designer and creative director herself, and Nertil Boraj, the company’s chief executive officer.

With love and passion for fashion and expansive goods, Nertil Boraj moved to Florence to study fashion part-time in 2002.

In 2010, he brought his wife, Jola, to Italy where they both started thinking about an idea of a luxury brand specializing in handmade and would represent a union of three cultures — “the origin, the homeland, and the homeland of the handmade.”

“As a woman, I have always loved the strength and sign left by a perfectly dressed outfit. As an inspiration, we have always loved Diana Ross and all the divas of that era. We both want to create designs that help people express what they feel and experience that power and confidence,” Hasimi said in an interview.

JH Jola Hasimi said every product that the brand produces showcases “the most beautiful and fascinating part of Albanian, Arab and Italy histories.” 

“In every name, in every detail, we aspire to mix and match the history of these three great cultures, to produce those wonderful products that express strong identity and styles and are highly Instagrammable,” the representative said. 

While high-end fashion has shifted over the years, JH Hola Hasimi is pushing to revolutionize the luxury fashion industry by introducing its sought-after “My Albania” perfume and other luxury accessories that have defined the company in the last years.

“Our products have always represented aspiration – something people yearn for, something people have always wanted. With this, we sail on,” the representative added.

For more information visit the JH Jola Hasimi website or find them on Facebook, or Instagram.

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