“Healthcare Email Dangers” A Book for all healthcare business

March 25 00:00 2021
"Healthcare Email Dangers" A Book for all healthcare business
Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about the healthcare email dangers

March 24, 2021 – Patrick Domingues has come to reveal “Healthcare Email Dangers” a book which expresses a story through Dr. Henry and what he had to endure for his healthcare business. This unique book thought how hackers will target healthcare business and steal money from their bank account.

Make no mistake when under attack, everyday. Healthcare Email Dangers introduces us to learn 7 common email scams and Hacks, The layers of cyber security.

Dr. Henry discovers an odd bank transaction that sends him into confusion thereby found he having a hard time controlling his emotions over what happened to his healthcare business.

Dr. Henry was not happy with the current IT provider lack of cyber security awareness and decided to find a trustworthy healthcare IT and cyber security awareness advisor.

About The Author 

Patrick Domingues is a trusted advisor with 15+ years of experience in IT supports Services and is an acknowledged Healthcare IT. As a Cyber Security expert, he worked as manager IT services providers for most of the IT career. He provided support services, project management and deployments. Patrick is a healthcare IT certified professional and is an expert in HIPAA Compliance regulations and audits. Kindly visit www.patrickdomingues.com for more information about the Author

For more information about Healthcare Email Dangers book, please visit: https://healthcareemaildangers.com

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