The body’s most important muscle isn’t visible from the outside

February 20 18:06 2020
The body’s most important muscle isn’t visible from the outside
There’s no denying that working out, lifting weights, running, cardio, and regular movement is essential for the body’s health and wellbeing. As easy as it can be to focus on the muscles that are visible, there’s one invisible muscle that should take priority when it comes to fitness.

AURORA, CO – Each February, Orangetheory Fitness partners with the American Heart Association to shift focus from the muscles seen on the outside, to the most important muscle. This muscle can be easily overlooked – but can quickly become a killer if its health is not prioritized. This muscle is the heart, and heart disease is the leading cause of death – both nationally and world-wide.

Orangetheory Fitness Southlands of Aurora, Colorado, recognize the importance of training all muscles, but putting an emphasis on the health, vitality, and longevity of the heart.

On February 22, 2020, at 10:30am MST, Orangetheory Fitness Southlands will be offering the unique opportunity to participate in a 90-minute, heart-focused workout class instructed by the location’s owner/master trainer Reggie Williams. For a minimum donation of $25, participants will be able to partake in this unique workout class. All donations will go to the American Heart Association.

One of Orangetheory Fitness’s goals is to help their customers connect their hearts to their workout. By guiding their customers to focus on heart health, they are helping each individual begin their journey to more life. A life where their most important muscle is their healthiest muscle, and a life where their fitness routine enhances their heart’s health with each workout.

When searching for “heart healthy workouts aurora”, “orangetheory fitness aurora”, “orangetheory fitness near me”, or “orangetheory fitness heart rate”, Orangetheory Fitness Southlands is the optimal first step for beginning a fitness journey.

No matter the level of fitness experience- from novice to elite athlete, Orangetheory Fitness is Aurora’s optimal location to begin or continue a fitness journey. Each workout is customized and adaptable to each participant’s heart rate and designed to meet them where they are. Beginners, experienced, and advanced athletes will all leave Orangetheory feeling empowered, inspired, and stronger after each class.

February is the perfect opportunity to follow your heart (literally), by prioritizing the needs of your heart’s health. By donating to the American Heart Association and working out with Orangetheory Fitness, you are taking your first step to investing in an abundant and heart-healthy future.

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