The Save Human Action Organization Officially Established

November 29 17:57 2019

On November 1, 2019, the Save Human Action Organization (SHAO) has been officially established. The organization was registered in California, USA and it is an international non-governmental organization with the mission of saving humanity from extinction. It is understood that the organization was founded by the famous anthropologist and entrepreneur Mr. Hu Jiaqi.


The organization believes that the continuing development of science and technology will soon exterminate human beings. To solve this problem, we must restrict the development of science and technology. Popularization and proper use of the existing safe and mature science and technology world can guarantee the abundance of human beings. Human beings must immediately stop asking greedily from science and technology, and strictly distinguish all research and development of science and technology as a whole. Some science and technology, especially scientific theory may pose a threat to the whole of human beings. We should seal them forever to help humans forget them, and then to achieve the goal of strictly limiting the development of science and technology.

The organization also believes that in order to limit the development of science and technology, human beings must move towards grand unification, and use the power of world power to promote this work. Grand unification society is not only a society that can avoid the extinction of human beings, but also one that can bring universal happiness to human beings.

Mr. Hu Jiaqi, the Founder of Save Human Action Organization, has been studying human issues for 40 years. Over the past decades, he has been running and appealing. In view of the limited personal ability, Mr. Hu Jiaqi decided to create the organization, and make every effort to save humans with the collective strength.

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