Jubilee Ace Holds Media Conference and Demonstrates AQUA Live for Worldwide Community in Macau

July 01 01:24 2019

On 29th May 2019, Jubilee Ace launched the AQUA arbitrage system at the Sheraton Macau Hotel, and hundreds of investors from around the world were present. The AQUA arbitrage system will undoubtedly open a new era of financial arbitrage.

Arbitrage refers to buying goods in one market and selling them in another market at a higher price, taking advantage of the temporary difference between the two. For investors and traders, arbitrage is recognized as a risk-free monetization model.

A.Q.U.A (ACE Quantum Universal Arbitrager) is a new product built solely for crypto-trading and arbitraging. This is the start product of Jubilee Ace Limited. A.Q.U.A adopts a very special trading algorithm that is called “Triangular Crypto Arbitrage”.

This algorithm basically allows you to execute profiting arbitrage trades all on 1 exchange. This actually eliminates the need of having to move one coins from one exchange to another. This method of trading has been proven to be most effective

Inefficiencies are common in most crypto-exchanges, this allows opportunities to be discovered and then used to generate decent minute profits. This type of arbitrage does not harm the exchange, on the contrary, it promotes trading volume across most pairs on the exchange

This works simply by trading one Alt coin against 2 other base coins. For example TRX/BTC, TRX/ETH, ETH/BTC

 You start by buying TRX with BTC.

 You sell those TRX for ETH.

 You then use those ETH to buy BTC again.

 At the end of this 3 trades, you should end up with more BTC.

Jubilee Ace Limited is a company incorporated in the BVI in 2018, focusing on developing arbitrage and hedging technologies to enhance profits in the volatile markets in the present day. The company uses advanced trade algorithms and is also exploring Artificial Intelligence(A.I.) to further increase the efficiency of the trading bot. It projects to be able to launch trials by Q4 2020.

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